Dr. Karan Bhalla

Specializes in: Orthodontist, Implantologist, Braces Specialist, Cert Invisalign Provider, Diamond Top Invisalign Provider

Experience: 14 Years

Education: BDS, MDS – Orthodontics, Cert Invisalign User, Cert Lingual Orthodontist, Cert Oral Implantologist, Cert Oral Implantologist (ICOI, USA), Fellow World Federation of Orthodontist, Fellow Academy of Oral Implantology

Memberships: World Orthodontic Society, Indian Orthodontic Society, Academy of Oral Implantology

Registration No: A-16420 (DDC)

Dr. Karan Bhalla is an orthodontist with an experience of 14 years, he specializes in the field of orthodontics (braces) and Invisalign (Clear Aligners) and dental implants. He is a recognized name in the field of orthodontics and amongst the Top Invisalign treatment providers in the country. He is a Platinum Elite provider for Invisalign Treatment. With vast experience in the field, he wishes to make more and more people smile beautifully by improving their dental health. Dr. Karan Bhalla is also a certified Implantologist from ICOI, USA. He holds a special interest in the field of Lingual Orthodontics, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Cosmetic Dentistry and Clear aligners . He believes in providing customized dental treatment for each of his patients and specializes in invisible braces. According to him, each person has his/her own personal beauty which is enhanced by a beautiful smile. So his main goal is to make all of his patients have healthy dental health.