Kids Dentistry

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Kids Dentistry

Kids’ teeth are different from adult teeth and so are their Problems and related treatment. It is important for a child’s that a first dental checkup happens as early in life as possible. At DentAesthetica, parents are educated on how to keep a check on their child’s oral health. When a young child is at DentAesthetica a kid-friendly approach is maintained. We keep the customized dental appointments of our young patients.

Oral Comprehensive Exam

A detailed examination of teeth and gums is done. Teeth eruption gives an important insight into a child’s development. The child gets to hold the mouth mirror and is introduced to the dental surrounding by the dentist. The dentist and the staff ensure that the child feels secure all the time.

Teeth cleaning and Fluoride

A Routine teeth cleaning prevents early childhood caries. It instills the importance of dental hygiene.
Topical Fluoride treatment further gives anti-cavity protection to the enamel.

Teeth Fillings

A decayed baby tooth needs restoration as soon as it gets detected. If left unattended, the decay might lead to further tooth infection leading to pain and discomfort to the young child. The child may lose appetite due to difficulty in chewing. A timely filing saves a lot of discomfort to your little ones

Pulpectomy and Pulpotomy

A pulpotomy is a procedure used to restore infected baby (primary) teeth in kids. Most commonly, baby teeth become infected due to untreated tooth decay (cavities). This happens when the cavity destroys the outer layer of the tooth, and attacks the soft pulp inside your child’s tooth. This pulp is full of nerves, so this usually causes a lot of pain and discomfort. A pulpotomy is used to prevent tooth loss due to tooth infections. In this procedure, Doctor will open up your child’s tooth, remove infected and damaged pulp from the upper part of the tooth. Then, any remaining tooth pulp will be treated with a special medication that helps protect the remaining pulp from infection. After this, your child’s tooth will be protected with a filling or a crown, and the procedure is complete.

Kids Crowns

A heavily damaged baby tooth has a weakened tooth structure. A weakened milk tooth is given a crown/cap so as to bear chewing forces. If not crowned then the tooth is vulnerable to further breakdown compromising the child’s eating habits.

Oral Hygiene Sessions

At DentAesthetica, kids dentistry we lay a lot of importance on prevention. Clean teeth and clean gums are the mottoes of our oral hygiene session. The child gets a tooth-brushing session. We guide you in the right selection of toothbrushes, the right tooth brushing technique, flossing, tongue cleaning, and diet counseling. It’s a sure way to stay away from common dental problems.